Why Green

We all know that certain colors represent awareness for certain causes, such as pink for breast cancer or red for heart disease.

But what color represents Cerebral Palsy?

You guessed it! It is the color green as suggested by the title of the article.

However, do you know why the color green was specifically chosen to represent cerebral palsy? The reason green was chosen is because of what the color green itself represents and how it relates to cerebral palsy.

Green represents youthfulness as it is commonly associated with the vibrant new growth of plants and flowers during the spring months. The relationship youth has with cerebral palsy is that cerebral palsy is the most common childhood disability in the world, affecting approximately 1 in every 343 children.

The color green is also associated with hope; hope for the advancement of modern medicine to improve the quality of life for those affected by cerebral palsy and the hope that one day society will be accepting and tolerant of individuals living  with cerebral palsy.

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