The March 2014 mission to Vietnam was a complete success and set the stage on planning for 2 big projects for Aug / Sept 2015. The March mission saw the creation of 2 documentaries about the work NOJF does in Vietnam.

This documentary by Shaw TV Access Calgary (Canada) introduces No Ordinary Journey Foundation (NOJF) and centers on Laverne Bissky, founder, executive director and parent expert.

The setting is the 3 week mission of March 2014 to several rehabilitation hospitals in Vietnam where 100+ parents and their children with cerebral palsy (CP) were given one-on-one workshops on the management and caring of CP with their children.

At the conclusion of the 2 day workshops, a total of 12 wheelchairs, manufactured by a local wheelchair manufacturer through private donations, were gifted to the most needy children.

This team comprised 8 from Calgary, 1 each from United States, Hungary and Australia and 2 Vietnamese interpreters from Edmonton. There were also 10 Vietnamese professionals who graciously volunteered their time as interpreters, travelled with the NOJF team and were superb cultural attaches. Through social media, some of these volunteers came on-board within several weeks of departure.

Special thanks to Paul Helmer, producer/editor at Shaw TV Calgary and his entire team, as noted in the credits, who made this documentary a reality.

Special thanks also to Linku Xavier producer/host and his entire team at VTV4, Vietnam’s International Broadcaster for the on-going support of NOJF missions in Vietnam and his documentary.

During this mission, Linku and his cameraman spent several days with the NOJF team chronicling the work of Laverne Bissky of No Ordinary Journey Foundation and the professional volunteers who made this mission a success.

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