A highly successful three week intensive ‘hands-on’ therapist training workshop took place in Hue, Vietnam from February 15 to March 4, 2016.  A team of four international volunteer Cerebral Palsy Therapists (‘instructors’) from Canada and Hungary, provided training to local physiotherapists, other medical professionals and caregivers at the Hue Rehabilitation Hospital.

The project objectives were to allow Vietnamese children with Cerebral Palsy to achieve their potential by providing the best possible therapeutic skills and clinical knowledge to a maximum number of therapists in order to give access to early and regular therapeutic activities that are critical in supporting these children thereby enhancing their quality of life, independence and well-being.


Fourteen children and their caregivers and 10 physiotherapists/medical personnel, received three weeks of intensive therapeutic training by participating in a hands-on group therapy program for 3 hours every morning. The group therapy program was based upon Conductive Education (CE) and traditional physiotherapy and occupational therapy philosophies.


The afternoon sessions were attended by the professional staff only and were taught through power point presentations, lectures, and the practicing of techniques.

Learning objectives included: teaching children with CP to roll, sit, stand and walk; stretching; how to organize and run a small group program using singing and play; feeding skills; how to manage drooling; communication skills; toileting; correct seating posture; and measuring and fitting for a wheelchair.


The Therapist Training Project was very successful and the Hue Rehabilitation Hospital has continued to provide a small group program based on the principals taught by the NOJF Team.


One wheelchair was provided and fitted, and another 5 will be donated upon returning to Hue in November 2016.